Faith Mind Sutra

The Perfect Way is only difficult

For those who pick and choose.

Do not like, do not dislike,

All will then be clear.

Make a hairsbreadth difference,

And heaven and earth are set apart.

If you want the Truth to stand clear before you,

Never be for or against.

To set up what you like against what you dislike,

This is the disease of the mind.

While the deep meaning is misunderstood,

Peace of mind is disturbed to no purpose.

The Way is empty and featureless, like space.

It has no too little, no too much.

Only because we take and reject,

Its nature is lost sight of.

Pursue not the outer entanglements,

Dwell not in the inner void,

Be serene in the oneness of things,

And dualism vanishes of itself.

Stop all movement in order to get rest,

And the rest will itself be restless.

So long as you linger in dualism,

How can you realise oneness?

And when oneness is not thoroughly understood,

In two ways loss is sustained.

Denial of the apparent is its assertion,

And the assertion of Emptiness is the denial of it.

The more you talk about it,

The more you think about it,

The further from it you go.

Stop talking, stop thinking,

And there is nothing you will not understand.

Return to the Root, and you will find the meaning.

Pursue the light and you will lose its source.

Look inward and in a flash you will conquer

The apparent and the Void.

Transformations going on

In an empty world confronting us,

Appear real only because of ignorance.

There is no need to seek Truth,

Only stop holding views.

Do not accept either position,

Examine it or pursue it.

As soon as you have right and wrong,

Confusion ensues and Mind is lost.

Though the two exist because of the One,

Do not cling to the One.

Only when no thought arises

Are the objects without blame.

No blame, no objects, no arising, no thought.

The subject is quiet when the object ceases.

The object ceases when the subject is quiet.

An object is an object for the subject.

The subject is the subject for an object.

The ultimate truth about the two opposites,

Is that they are One Void.

In that Void the two are not distinguished.

Each contains complete within itself

The ten thousand things.

Only when we boggle over fine and coarse

Are we tempted to take sides.

In its essence the Great Way is all-embracing.

It is as wrong to call it easy

As to call it hard.

Small views are irresolute,

The more in haste the heavier they go.

Clinging is never kept within bounds.

It is sure to go the wrong way.

And the heart trusts to sidepaths

That lead it astray.

Let things take their own course,

Knowing the essence can neither go nor stay.

Obey the nature of things,

And you are in concord with the Way,

Calm and easy and free from care.

Thoughts that are fettered turn from Truth,

Sink into the unwise habit of not liking.

Not liking brings weariness of spirit,

And aversion serves to no purpose.

If you want to follow the doctrine of the One,

Do not reject the world of the senses.

When you are not biased, the world of the senses,

Is seen as one with enlightenment.

The wise practise non-interference.

Folly ties its own bonds.

In Reality there are no separate realities.

Only the foolish cling to particular objects.

To use Thought to create thoughts,

What more misguided than this?

Ignorance creates rest and unrest.

The enlightened have no likes and dislikes.

All that belongs to the two extremes

Is inference falsely drawn,

A dream fantom, a flower in the air.

Why strive to grasp it in the hand?

Is and isn't, gain and loss,

Banish once and for all.

If the eyes do not close in sleep

There can be no evil dreams.

If the mind makes no distinctions,

All objects become one.

Let the One with its mystery

Blot out all memory of complications.

When the ten thousand things

Are viewed in their oneness,

We return to the origin,

And remain where we have always been.

Thus their origin is forgotten,

Nothing is left over to make us pit

One thing against another.

See motion at rest - and where is motion?

See rest in motion- and that disposes of rest.

Both of them having thus been disposed of,

What becomes of the One?

At the ultimate point,

Beyond which you can go no further,

You get to where there are no rules, no standards,

To where the mind can accept impartiality,

To where effect of action ceases.

Doubt is washed away, and faith has no obstacles.

Nothing is left over, nothing remembered.

Space is bright, and self-illumined.

No power of mind is exerted.

This is where thinking never attains,

This is where the imagination fails to measure.

In the high realm of true Being,

There is neither self nor other.

For quick reference to this sphere

Use the concept "not-two".

In the not-two are no separate objects,

Yet all objects are included.

The wise throughout the ten quarters

Have had access to this primal truth,

For it is not a thing of time and space.

A moment and an aeon for it are one.

Whether we see it or fail to see it,

It is manifest always and everywhere.

The very small is as the very large

When size is immaterial.

The very large is as the very small

When shape is no concern.

Being is the same as non-being,

Non-being is the same as being.

In climes of thought where this is not so,

The mind does ill to dwell.

One in all, all in One-

If only this be realised,

No more grieving for not being perfect.

To trust in the heart is the not-two,

The not-two is to trust in the heart.

I have spoken - but in vain,

For what words can tell

Of things that have no yesterday,

Tomorrow or today?