Fen-yang (Fun'yo Zensho) 947-1024

Fen Yang Shan Chao, 947-1024, was one of the great ancestors of the Lin Chi house of Ch'an, noteworthy for his development of the kung an as a tool in Ch'an study; one of his points was to show the unity of the essence of Ch'an in the midst of the various methods which had evolved in the streams of Ch'an teaching over the preceding three hundred years.

He was the student of Shou-shan Shen-nien (Shuzan Shonen) and teacher of Shih-shuang (Sekiso Soen)

Fen-yang travelled broadly and visted many masters of all the Zen houses. The use of the Five Ranks in Rinzai zen begins with him and his poems on the "Five States."


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