Muin Soin 1326-1410

Third abbot of Myoshin-ji

Dharma heir of Juo Sohitsu

He was originally a student of the gozan line and student of Kao Sonen at Kennin-ji. After Juo died he became the third abbot at Myoshin-ji, after him the temple's influence went into decline.

*note: I am still trying to confirm lineages between Muin Soin & Tozen Soshin where there appears to be an unclear period of transmission and very little information. Myoshin-ji fell into political difficulty during this period and had several Abbots. This could have disrupted the records, but transmission and lineage obviously continued. In 1399 Myoshin-ji was confiscated by Asikaga Yoskimitsu and made a branch of Nansen ji and Myoshin-ji monks were only allowed to return in 1432. During this period and for a time afterwards Myoshin-ji abbots appear to come from political involvement and in some cases from other Zen lines. So far I've yet to determine heirs for Muin Soin, or the teacher of Tozen Soshin. It is doubtful Tozan would have claimed this lineage and have been from another, or that he would have become abbot with no lineage at all. So it is practical to assume the problem lies with inadequate historical records.

Myoshin-ji abbot Setsudo Soboku was likely to have been an heir in this line. It was under him and because of his relationship with Ouchi Yoshihiro of the Ouchi rebellion that Myoshin-ji was confiscated. After the property was restored and monks were allowed to return, a later abbot, Myoko Soei, who was related to the imperial house, began resoration. The next abbot Nippo Soshun (1368-1448) was from the Muso lineage and the next abbot to come from the Myoshin-ji and Kanza Egen line, shown in lineage charts, is Tozen Soshin (Sekko Soshin) 1408-1486.

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