Shomyo (Daio Kokushi) 1235-1309

Also called Nampo Shomyo or Nampo Somin.

Shomyo was a Japanese Zen master who is credited for bringing Chinese Ch'an to Japan. He was from the Yogi Lineage of Rinzai. He began training under Lan-chi Tao-lung who was a Chinese master who travelled to Japan. He went to China in 1259 and trained under Hsu-t'sang and recieved Inka under him.

Shomyo's Zen unlike others was not merged with elements of Tendai or Shingon, and is considered to have taught pure Kanna Zen of the Rinzai school. His most notable Dharma heir was Myocho Shuho (Daito Kokushi)

"When suddenly mind and environment are both forgotten there is the ability to penetrate freely earth, mountains and rivers. The whole substance of the real body of the king of Dharma is manifest. People these days face it without knowing it." -- Daio

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