Yuan-wu (Engo) 1063-1135

Yuan-wu was the Dharma Heir of Wu-tsu Fa-yen and compliler of the Blue Cliff Record (Hekiganroku) of Koans compiled from the "Cases" & verses collected by Hsueh-tou of the Yun-men school. He had three prominent dharma heirs: Hu-kuo, Hu-ch'iu Shao-lung, and Ta-hui.

Hu-ch'iu Shao-lung went on to transmit the line later brought to Japan by Nampo Shomyo

Ta-hui became fearful that the Hekiganroku made things too clear and went on a rampage burning every copy he could find as well as destroying the original printing blocks. Later, a lay Buddhist, Chang Ming-yuan gathered together all available copies and reconstructed the original work--published in 1300

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